Apr 4 2015

Searching for a Way

Recently, I was talking with a friend, who is usually looking for a new business idea. However, his newest idea was unknown to the general public and he needed to reach his audience of customers quickly. I suggested to him that he might try marketing the idea on the Internet. Social networks and websites have the best avenue to the kind of response that he was looking for. He agreed but knew next to nothing about the technical side of that venture, so I introduced him to Todd, another friend of mine, who had just started his career in cheap seo. Being fresh from school, Todd was filled with ideas that immediately fit into the business’s marketing scheme. It was a match made which soon turned my friend’s business into a success. It took about a month to design all the necessary sites to present the idea to the world through the Internet.

Mar 24 2015

The Nanny Gets Caught

Amber’s kids were everything to her. Being a single mom, she had to work two jobs to support them since their dad had left. Amber didn’t have any family that lived in the area, and had to hire a nanny to take care of her kids while she worked. The kids didn’t like the nanny, and kept telling Amber that she was mean. Amber wasn’t sure what to do. When she came home they were starving though the nanny said she had fed them, and they always seemed so sad. Guilt set in, and Amber knew she had to do something. Though money was tight, she installed a hidden Bolton CCTV system in a few parts of her home. The nanny came to take care of the kids like normal, and Amber left as she normally would, but instead of going to work, she parked a few blocks away. She used her smart phone to watch what was going on in her home, and she was shocked. The nanny was tying her children to the kitchen table. Amber dialed the police station, and headed home. This nanny was caught.

Feb 2 2015

Wanting Something Different

I hate it when my home looks like everyone else’s, so I do everything in my power to make sure my design plan is unique. I like paint colors no one else would choose, furniture that makes bold statements, and decor that also acts as coversation pieces. I want people to feel wowed when they walk into my home. The only thing I have always had trouble with is my windows because they look like everyone else’s do.

I finally decided that I had to do something about my windows, so they would stand out from the rest. I looked at all of the special order blinds Manchester that are available and chose real wooden ones. My home is certainly different from most now. The wood gives a more formal look to my space and works with my existing design scheme to create a comfortable space. I am delighted that I made this change.

Dec 19 2014

Uses of Fillers

Silica flour is almost pure SiO2 carefully ground. It has actually been hired as a brush or buffer, and also paint extender, unpleasant, and also filler for cosmetics. It has actually been related to all kinds of silicosis, consisting of severe silicosis. Silicosis is because of deposition of great respirable dirt, that is much less compared to 10 micrometers in dimension, consisting of crystalline silicon dioxide through alpha-quartz, cristobalite, or tridymite.

It is a pure sand that is ground to a really great bit dimension (wear dirt security consistently). When it is combined with a plaster, such as Hydrocal, for mold making it includes toughness as well as security. Mix equivalent components of it and also Hydrocal (by weight) for a complex, sturdy, and also cost-effective mold. It is utilized in the rubbing sector as a scrape immune filler. It is likewise hired as a filler in epoxy material spreadings as well as adhesives.

Dec 15 2014


The school holidays will soon be here and this year I have decided to volunteer my services to a Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue to give me something to do instead of lazing around like I did last year.

There is a sanctuary close to where I live that looks after abandoned and neglected Staffordshire Bull Terriers and they are always looking for extra pairs of hands to help out at the centre. Volunteers are invited to help out with lots of different jobs from walking and feeding the dogs to cleaning out the kennels.

Not only will I enjoy spending my time doing something useful, I will also have something positive to add to any future job application forms. Employers often look favourably at potential employees who have interests and hobbies outside of school and work especially if they involve voluntary work as it shows a commitment and dedication to working for the benefit of the community.

Nov 23 2014

Too Many Animals

My cat is a tiger of an animal. She’s cute and loveable at times, purring as loud as can be. At other times she’s attacking everything. Combine her with the other animals I have, it’s like a circus in my house. There’s birds flying all over the place. There’s dogs barking and dumping over chairs and garbage cans. There’s more than one cat getting into mischief. So I decided to open up circus workshops where people can come and train my animals just like if they were circus animals. It has worked so far. The tiger of a cat acts like a real tiger right on cue. That was the easy part. The hard part is getting her to stop on demand. The dogs are being trained to jump through hoops instead of over chairs. The birds are learning to fetch things while flying through the air. They even fetched a toupee off someone’s head. So all in all it has become a great experience.

Oct 6 2014

My Scary Story

Loss of hearing was very frustrating to me. One day I woke up and realized that I was having difficulty hearing people speak. This was hard on me as I love to listen to people. I love to hear all sorts of other sounds including music. I have always been aware of such sounds as I love to play music. While I am not a professional musician, I can play multiple musical instruments tolerably well including the piano and the violin. I have studied music for several years when I was young.

So I went to my doctor. He recommended digital hearing aids. The process of fitting them correctly took over a month. But I have been very happy with the results. Thanks to the hearing aids, I can hear much better than I ever could. This makes me happy. My problem has been easily solved.